Business crisis management and bankruptcy law

Mascheroni & Associati boasts a consolidated experience in Bankruptcy Law, insolvency procedures and corporate restructuring and reorganisation operations for the rescue of companies in crisis.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Photo by Simone Hutsch
Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Firm assists companies in the various phases of the business crisis for corporate reorganisation, debt restructuring through the preparation of recovery plans and agreements, the reduction of personnel, the development of acquisition or incorporation projects of companies in crisis and for the establishment of insolvency and bankruptcy procedures.

The intervention of the Professionals of the Firm also extends to the analysis and assessment of all related tax aspects and disputes related to the procedures, identifying the most suitable tools for the management and solution of financial and asset crises.

Over time, the Firm has consolidated qualified expertise in issues relating to insolvency procedures and to the negotiation between the parties involved (creditors, tax authorities, suppliers and customers) in the attempts of corporate restructuring and reorganisation.

Photo by Simone Hutsch

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