Contracts and Obligations

Mascheroni & Associati has structured its services and consultancies on a common level that takes into account the connections between the subjects.

The Firm assists its clients in defining all types of commercial agreements: from the drafting of supply, distribution, mediation, procurement, subcontracting, IP, franchising, agency, leasing and rental contracts, to the review of contracts already stipulated. From the evaluation of risks in the event of insolvency of a counterparty and of contractual remedies in the hypothesis of termination, rescission or extinction.

Karlín, Praga, Czech Republic

Areas of activity:

  • Judicial and extrajudicial management of total or partial contractual breaches;
  • Quantification of damages from contractual breach;
  • Request of damage compensation for breach of contract.

Legal assistance and advice

Mascheroni & Associati


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