Digital Law and Privacy

The Firm boasts considerable experience and expertise in privacy law and law of new technologies where it has assumed a key role through integrated customer assistance. The Firm follows companies on the subject of risks and legal issues related to digitisation and use of the web and social media.

The activity includes the formulation of Social Media Policies, structured according to individual situations and the assessment of concrete business needs and policies in use.

The Firm provides assistance and advice on the processing, correct use, protection and protection of personal data in the various sectors, including in terms of marketing, adopting a risk-based approach.

Bundestag , Berlin , Germany
Regierungsviertel, Berlin, Germany

The activity includes the assessment of the state of the art in the management of personal data, the adaptation and revision of privacy protocols in compliance with the GDPR and the sector legislation, the protection of guaranteed rights (including the "right to be forgotten "), the implementation of compliance programs and legal systems data management (privacy by design and by default).

The Firm also deals with compliance, the analysis of roles, profiles and responsibilities and related contracts, the verification of the suitability of the security measures adopted, the revision of the treatment register and training activities.

Legal assistance and advice

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