Tax Law



Tax Law

Mascheroni & Associati provides legal advice on tax issues and provides out-of-court assistance for the management of relations and pending disputes with financial administrations, research activities concerning legal-tax issues, as well as judicial assistance before Provincial and Regional Tax Commissions, in favour of legal entities and individuals.

The Firm's professionals, endowed with the necessary skills and experience, provide their services in direct and indirect taxes, local taxes, RW monitoring, analysis and application of international treaties against double taxation.

Bahntower, Berlin, Germany

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The firm provides qualified assistance in tax inspections by the Guardia di Finanza and the Agenzia delle Entrate, in preventive and deflattive procedures for tax disputes. The Firm has significant experience in drafting and assisting in the preparation of petitions and requests for the exercise of self-assessment by Tax Agencies and Collection Agencies, opinions and judicial acts.

In order to efficiently deal with disputes raised in tax and fiscal matters, the Firm avails itself of valid Professionals who combine adequate technical skills in national and international taxation with due competence in managing relations with the Public Administration.

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